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The Slim Fit

It is just like a hug.

While not restrictive, our slim fit styles tends to be tighter and more narrow, fitting closely to the body.

If you don't like fitted clothing or hugs... (no judgment), we suggest sizing up. 

The Classic Fit

These silhouettes follow your contours but leave a little room for comfort. Simple, straight-forward and no fuss.

These pieces are considered true to size, so we recommend choosing the size you would normally wear. Or don't! We won't tell you how to live your life. 

The Relaxed Fit

This clothing boasts an easy shape that's just shy of loose.

Easy like Sunday moooooorning...okay we'll stop. You get it.

We recommend this fit for those who want extra room to get nice and cozy. Perfect for those Netflix binge-watching marathons.

The Perfect Oversized Fit

Yes, you read that right. We have perfected the oversized look with clothing that has an intentionally loose shape and volume to it.

This look is meant to be slouchy, baggy and oh so comfy. We'll leave the styling up to you!

If you prefer a more fitted look, we recommend sizing down.