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October: The Hope Collection

October: The Hope Collection

With a cause very dear to our heart, this year we will be donating all proceeds from selected products to Lindsey Bundschuh.

HER STORY: Lindsey Bundschuh

Lindsey is a powerful beam of inspiration, a mother, sister, daughter, auntie, lover, friend, guide, photographer, teacher, island babe, tarot queen, social being.

Over the last few years, Lindsey and her 5 year old daughter Lily have been splitting their time between Squamish, BC, Canada (where Lindsey’s twin sister Rebecca is) and Stad, Norway (where her partner - and Lily’s dad - Mads lives). She and Lily were due to return to Canada in June, now their trip has been indefinitely postponed.

Lindsey found a lump in her breast. She was quickly diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer. HER2 generally has a good prognosis, but it is treated aggressively to prevent it from metastasizing. With Lindsey, due to the urgency of her diagnosis, her doctors have advised her to stay in Norway and start chemotherapy.

Since Lindsey is unable to come home to her supportive, healing community of family and friends in Canada, Rebecca (her twin sister) is going to fly out to Oslo, to be by her side and to help her care for Lily.

For the month of October, 100% of proceeds from our Hope Collection are going to Lindsey and her family to help with the everyday things that are made that much harder with a family member undergoing cancer treatment. 

A Message from Lindsey:

Individually, I would love to look each one of you in the eyes, wrap my arms around you and express the gratitude I have for your support, generosity and love.

I have never felt comfortable accepting donations, as I have always been one to want to offer instead of being the one to receive.

To open up these spaces of charity brings an overwhelming feeling of love, hope, peace and knowing that I am and never will be alone in this fight. I feel every ounce of it and it truly helps.

I want to repay all of you and I often dream of how, but for now as I heal, I promise to all of you I will fight with every cell in my body, to inspire you and offer you motivation to take care of yourself and one another. To hold on tight to what is truly important and let go of what is holding you back. To reevaluate but don’t over think. To set down your phone, play with you kids, hug a tree, spend time in the ocean, rest and appreciate. To turn up the music and turn down your expectations. To laugh as much as you can, eliminate stress, fight less and don’t criticize yourself or others.

You are perfect just the way you are.