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Behind The Scenes

Let us show you how we develop your favorite items each season, from beginning to end.

The Inspiration...

Every season, we draw inspiration from nature, the beautiful color pallets, street trends and of course, you!

As we search to find the perfect hues, we aim to make pieces that work together to create a capsule wardrobe.

We also love seeing everyday trends and how we can refine classic looks with our west coast vibe.

Our clothing is made with purpose, thought and care. That's why every item in our collection is beyond clothing. It’s about quality and craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit.

The Process

All of our clothing is designed and created by our talented in-house design team, Julia Lefeaux and Emily Schmid. 

These women closely study trends, fabric and colours to develop the perfect fit and function for each piece of clothing we make.

We also take all the feedback we can get from our wholesale accounts and customers to improve stying and fits. We want you to feel that our clothing is made special, just for you.

The Creativity

Many of the graphics and patterns you see on our clothing are created by hand right here in our studio. 

Beginning with hand-drawn images, we draw inspiration from the theme of our collection and translate it into art.

The Story

It's all about the story. We want all of our pieces to capture the feeling we have when we design them.

We invest time and energy into planning every detail of our photoshoots to capture and tell our story of the season. 

We want you to feel the passion, the purpose, thought and care in each garment, and our story helps us translate that.